Why Does a Business Need a Logo on Their Signs and other Marketing Tools?

Logos are symbols created to summarize a company’s mission and vision and to convey information related to their products and services in a very dense and concise way, through the combination of short text and visual imagery. Company logos usually include the company’s name, either in full or in shortened form and they use symbols designed to create a link in the mind of customers and clients to the company’s field of activity.

While many business owners, especially the owners of new businesses, consider logos to be less important than other tools used for establishing the company’s identity, having a well-designed logo and using it on the company’s advertising signs and  promotional materials is just as important for the  companies at the beginning of their career as they are for well-established, already successful companies. Here is why.

Grabbing Attention

According to statistical data, most people don’t spend more than 3 seconds looking at a sign, that is the timeframe that your business sign has for attracting attention and for convincing customers to check out what your business has to offer. One of the most efficient ways to attract attention in such a short time is to use a well-designed, informative and aesthetically pleasing logo that can convey your message and raise interest toward your business.

Making a Great First Impression

A well-designed logo has the ability to make a great first impression, not only raising interest toward your business, but also creating the right set of expectations in the mind of new customers.

custom table covers

Your Logo Can Be Used on Any Material

You can add your logos to your physical advertising materials and you can use them on your digital ads, too. Your promotional pens, mugs and T-shirts, your banners, your website, custom table covers, your marketing e-mails and the other promotional materials that you use should all include the sign that summarizes your mission and your message – your logo.

Establishing Your Brand Identity

Branding is the process of creating an image for your products or services and linking that image to a symbol or design, usually a logo. When customers see that logo, they make the mental connection between the logo and everything they know about the product or service behind the sign, including what they know from ads and their own experiences with the brand. In this sense, logos work like triggers that influence buyer decisions and other forms of customer behavior, so they are essential for the identity of any business and any product.

A Tool to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

Whatever your line of business, you are surely faced with fierce competition. The most important factor that will set your business apart is, of course, the quality of what you are offering, but to prove your worth to customers, you first of all need to attract them and to convince them to try your products or services. A creative logo that uses carefully chosen colors and a creative, informative design that speaks to the members of your target audience can give you a competitive advantage, especially if the materials on which you use that logo are also of the same outstanding quality.

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