How To Hire Live Wedding Bands And What To Expect From Them On Your Special Day

Live wedding bands are great options for entertaining your guests and make your special day truly memorable. They are able to add great atmosphere to all events where they are hired to play and many people prefer to hire professional live musicians instead of DJ’s.

At the same time, hiring a band requires planning, some effort to find and select the right musicians, as well as money.

The planning process must start with finding a band able to play the kind of music that you wish. Big wedding parties with lots of guests will likely welcome loud music, while smaller receptions will require rather acoustic or background music. All details must be considered realistically and you should clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Denver wedding bands live are client-oriented and typically willing to satisfy any reasonable pretension, even when this means to adjust their repertory. But all these details must be discussed and negotiated.

When you choose a band, make sure that it fits into the location of your wedding; some facilities may be too small for a stage and adequate musical equipment. Also, keep in mind that the visual impact is important and you may also want to add decorations, ambient lights etc. – which is another reason to consider the location before hiring a live band.  Make sure they have room for a keyboard too!

Which musicians should be avoided?

The musical skills of live wedding bands are essential, but they are not the only things to look for. The behavior of the musicians reflects their level of professionalism and is definitely something to consider when you decide which name stays and which name will be erased from your list.

Here are a few types of musicians that should be avoided:

  • Those who show up late and/ or do not respect their contract
  • Those who manifest improper behavior before, during or after the event
  • Those who think it is appropriate to bring friends and expect food and drinks for free

But the choice of musicians is not the only mistake that you can make. When it comes to a wedding, there are so many details to think about that there is quite a lot of room for all kind of errors related to the music and the way it is blended with the event.

Remember to consider the volume of the music. Live wedding bands are required to play during different moments of the reception and not all moments require loud music and happy screams from the audience. For example, having about 30 minutes of background music before the ceremony as well as adequate music and volume while the guests serve the culinary delicacies is very important. Last but not least, make sure that you hire musicians able to play more than one genre.

What to expect on the day of your wedding

Musicians must show up in time to install their instruments and make a quick test of the acoustic performance of the room in which they are going to play.

The musicians are required to respect the contract that they previously agreed on and are expected to stay focused on their performance and entertaining the guests, without requiring special assistance.

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