The Health Benefits Of Playing an Instrument

Music is a remedy for one’s soul, as the saying goes. No matter if you play it on used guitars or brand new keyboards, the result is the same: it will bring you happiness and ease the stress or the sadness accumulated in your life. Through music, one can heal themselves and discover once again the passion of living.

Studies have discovered that playing a musical instrument will be advantageous for your health, both physical and mental, which is why scientists recommend learning how to play an instrument such as guitar for improving the quality of your life.

A musical instrument helps you develop a sense of discipline and perseverance
For those who have had the chance to play guitar or another musical instrument, they know that in order to get better at it, you must dedicate a lot of time and effort for repetition. Only with patience can someone manage to master a musical instrument, be it guitar or something else, which is why those who lack discipline will have a hard time keeping the flame for this passion alive. Repetition is not only fun, but the end result is worth the effort.

Excelling in a musical instrument will improve your self confidence
Apart from the love for music, people who play musical instruments often confess that they are encouraged by the audience in continuing their pursuit. A hard round of applause after a performance for which you have prepared yourself for a great deal of time will give you a boost of confidence and you will also be determined to share your passion with others, less fortunate, such as people in shelter homes or children in state care institutions.

Playing musical instruments will also help your memory and hearing, as well as your motor skills
Studies have shown that children as well as people over the age of 65 who have taken up playing a musical instrument for a few months have increased their brain capacity in regard to hearing, memory and hand-eye coordination. Not only did they become more active and more attentive in their daily tasks, but they also were better at languages, as the music had enhanced their reading and comprehension abilities. They could also concentrate better and they were not as stressed as their peers, being able to express themselves through music.

If you want to become more responsible and socially active, buy used guitars or a set of drums
It has been long known that music brings people together. Joining a band or an orchestra can bring you long lasting friendships or even connecting with people on this level will be beneficial for your social life as well.

On the same note, having to care for an instrument, especially a used one, which has already been through a lot, will contribute to developing one’s self of responsibility. Therefore, keep in mind that the best gift for yourself, your child or nephew is not the latest smartphone model, but a vintage guitar or maybe a pretty violin.  So get into the market of buy and sell used musical instruments and find the right instrument.

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