Corporate Event DJ’s – How to Identify and How to Hire the Best One of Them

Hiring corporate event DJ’s for company parties, team buildings or for the closure of a conference or a workshop is becoming more and more the trend today – if you are in charge of organizing such a corporate party and you are looking for the right DJ, here are some tips about how to find the best artist.


Establish Your Requirements

To identify the DJ who is best suited for your event and to be able to give accurate and detailed instructions to your DJ, you first of all need to get your priorities right. The style of the corporate event and of the venue, the guests invited, their tastes in music and their age are all aspects that your DJ will have to pay attention to – top managers probably prefer different tunes than employees from the production area and getting the style wrong can ruin your entire party. Try to figure out what style would suit the different stages of the party – it is a good idea to play softer music during the dinner and to step up the rhythm gradually. It is also a good idea to decide in advance whether the DJ is supposed to take individual requests and also have a list with the songs you do not want to be played (a very important, but often neglected aspect).

It is also very important to figure out how long you want the DJ to play and to allocate a budget to your project – the prices asked by corporate event DJ’s vary widely and so does the amount you will be required to put down as a deposit.


Identifying the Right DJ

The venue where your corporate event will take place can surely recommend you DJ’s they have worked with, but you can also find DJ’s by entering a query into your internet browser. Check the websites for experience, video recordings of previous shows, information about their preferred music styles and their service structure, too.


Contact DJ’s

Try to find at least three DJs Denver has to contact. Talk to them each and tell them about your requirements – every detail is important for your DJ to be able to create the right playlists, so make your input as detailed as possible. Make notes during the meetings with the DJ’s on your list, then request a written quote based on your discussions. Take your time to compare what each of them offers and not only in terms of pricing, but also in terms of the service offered. When making the final decision, factor in your personal impressions, too – the personality of the DJ matters just as much as the quality the music and lighting equipment they use or their inventory of tunes.


Get It All on Paper

Draft a written contract or agreement with your DJ. The document should contain all the details you have agreed on – clauses referring to the deposit and the full price, the duration, the equipment to be used, the services provided, the warranties provided by the DJ and back-up equipment should all be included.

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