What Backgrounds Look Best with My Custom Business Sign?

The purpose of a custom sign is to attract attention toward your brand. Most business signs consist of two layers: a background, consisting of a single color or a gradient and the foreground, consisting of the graphic elements and/or the text component used for conveying the information. The best way to create signs that really stand out is to use contrast between the background and the foreground – here are some tips how to use that contrast in a tasteful and attention-grabbing way.

Choose the Right Approach

When it comes to creating contrast, you have two options: you can use a darker background and contrast it with bright-colored or really light lettering and graphic components or you can do it the other way around, using a light-colored background and contrasting it with lettering and graphics that feature darker colors. It may be a good idea to emphasize the contrast through adding borders to delimit the background and the foreground – the border can be dark or light colored, depending on the type of contrast that you choose.

If you choose a lighter background, white and off-white are colors that you cannot go wrong with – they tone down any design and add a touch of elegance, too. Choosing the best dark background is much more difficult and should be based on the dominant color used in the foreground elements of your signage.

Colorado signs

Consider the Environment of Your Signs

The color of the wall that you will install your interior signage on and the dominant color of the outdoor environment where your sign will be located are also important factors to consider when choosing your background colors. If the wall that will accommodate your sign is white, a white background will make it look as if it consisted of only the foreground and so will a green space if you install a sign with a green background.

A Colorado signs company rep reminds us that the colors that you can use on your signs are often limited by local regulations as well, so before you let your imagination soar and you start playing with colors, you should consult the design regulations applicable to the signs in the indoor or outdoor space that you are planning to use.

The Number of Colors to Be Used in Your Signs

Using too many colors on your signs, for the background and for the graphic elements in the foreground, might seem like a way to grab attention, but a sign that consists of too many colors might not have the right impact. Even the businesses for which the usage of colors is essential, such as paint shops or shops that sell toys, should limit their use of colors. If the graphic elements in the foreground of the sign are very colorful, the best way to create the right effects is to pair it to a plain, white background. Similarly, a sign that uses many colors, such as a rainbow gradient, in the background, should use one toned-down, neutral color in the foreground – the result will be an attractive, cheerful sign that exudes style.

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New Ideas in Signage

The perfect signage is one that is attractive, tasteful, informative and represents your business. Creating the design that meets all these expectations might seem hard, so here are a few tips and ideas to make the task easier for you.

Some Things to Bear in Mind with Physical Signage

The purpose of using signage is to captivate the attention of the customers and to invite them to try your products and services. If you want to place your signage, you should use signage of the right size and that displays information with lettering that is easy to read. As a rule of thumb, your lettering needs to be of the height of at least one foot for every 10 foot of distance between the signage and the viewer. Be aware that written content takes longer to process than graphics, so try to limit the text on your signage to the minimum and use graphics that contains bold shapes, colors and contrast.

If you are considering billboard advertising or posters on the sides of buildings, take into consideration any object that might block out your signage, such as trees, bright streetlights or electrical wiring.

The other very important thing to keep in mind when creating your outdoor signage is the material of the signage. Synthetic materials, such as vinyl and acryl, are very resistant and suitable for using strong colors without the risk of fading.

Creating the Signage

Any signage is a combination of lettering, graphic shapes and colors. The human eye perceives color first and text comes only second, so using the right colors in your signs is essential. Nowadays, the trendiest signs use bright, bold colors that make the signs stand out in any environment. However, too many bright colors in the same logo can be disturbing, so try to limit your color usage to one dominant color and one or two contrasting, softer hues.

The font selected is also essential – you should use one, maximum two fonts on your signage and you should choose them with aesthetics and with readability in mind. Heavy fonts and fonts that have lots of ornamental elements might hinder readability, so take your time to test various solutions.

When creating your signage, try to put together a design that looks equally attractive on a large billboard, on your product packaging, even on your business cards.

Denver sign company design tips

Some More Tips

  • Use uncovered space wisely – according to Denver sign company design experts, you should leave about 30-40 percent of your signage white;
  • Use text wisely – 7-8 is the ideal number of words that should accompany the graphics on your signage;
  • Recreate your signage every couple of years – using the exact same signage all the time will inevitably decrease the impact of the signage. To prevent that from happening, refresh your signage a bit every few years – don’t replace your old signs with completely new ones (that would be a huge mistake, especially if you have a successful brand that your customers link to your signage in their minds), just change the color a bit or replace a few elements in your graphics.
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Why Does a Business Need a Logo on Their Signs and other Marketing Tools?

Logos are symbols created to summarize a company’s mission and vision and to convey information related to their products and services in a very dense and concise way, through the combination of short text and visual imagery. Company logos usually include the company’s name, either in full or in shortened form and they use symbols designed to create a link in the mind of customers and clients to the company’s field of activity.

While many business owners, especially the owners of new businesses, consider logos to be less important than other tools used for establishing the company’s identity, having a well-designed logo and using it on the company’s advertising signs and  promotional materials is just as important for the  companies at the beginning of their career as they are for well-established, already successful companies. Here is why.

Grabbing Attention

According to statistical data, most people don’t spend more than 3 seconds looking at a sign, that is the timeframe that your business sign has for attracting attention and for convincing customers to check out what your business has to offer. One of the most efficient ways to attract attention in such a short time is to use a well-designed, informative and aesthetically pleasing logo that can convey your message and raise interest toward your business.

Making a Great First Impression

A well-designed logo has the ability to make a great first impression, not only raising interest toward your business, but also creating the right set of expectations in the mind of new customers.

custom table covers

Your Logo Can Be Used on Any Material

You can add your logos to your physical advertising materials and you can use them on your digital ads, too. Your promotional pens, mugs and T-shirts, your banners, your website, custom table covers, your marketing e-mails and the other promotional materials that you use should all include the sign that summarizes your mission and your message – your logo.

Establishing Your Brand Identity

Branding is the process of creating an image for your products or services and linking that image to a symbol or design, usually a logo. When customers see that logo, they make the mental connection between the logo and everything they know about the product or service behind the sign, including what they know from ads and their own experiences with the brand. In this sense, logos work like triggers that influence buyer decisions and other forms of customer behavior, so they are essential for the identity of any business and any product.

A Tool to Set Your Business Apart from the Competition

Whatever your line of business, you are surely faced with fierce competition. The most important factor that will set your business apart is, of course, the quality of what you are offering, but to prove your worth to customers, you first of all need to attract them and to convince them to try your products or services. A creative logo that uses carefully chosen colors and a creative, informative design that speaks to the members of your target audience can give you a competitive advantage, especially if the materials on which you use that logo are also of the same outstanding quality.

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Drum Exercises for Kids

When it comes to kids, many studies show a correlation between studying a musical instrument and good results in school. Moreover, playing an instrument involves stimulating areas in the brain that are not normally used in everyday activities. Playing drums involves a complex action of movement coordination and sustained concentration. Moreover, the study of this instrument implies an increased mental discipline. Sometimes learning can be difficult and the only way to get results and progress is through in-depth study and repetition.

Drums are instruments that require coordinated movements of hands, arms and legs and involve both brain hemispheres. Playing drums is far from being easy…

kids drum set

In general, percussion lessons for beginners start with promoting an adequate posture of the body and use of the drum sticks. Then, students will learn their first rhythms. Percussion lessons for the intermediate level include reading at first glance, improving the sound, interpreting middle-level scores and simple exercises for speed and control. Advanced level percussion lessons address those who want to take their technique, speed and rhythm to a professional level.

  • Maintain good posture

It is very important for kids to practice good posture when they play, to ensure back and neck protection, preventing discomfort, but also to access easier all of the sections of the drum set. Sometimes, exercises for maintaining good posture must be completed by adjusting the height of the stool, otherwise kids may find it difficult to reach the pedals unless they modify their body posture. Their knees should rest at an angle of about 100 degrees. Find a decent kids drum set to give them the best chance for enjoyment and success.

  • Use the drum sticks correctly

Drum sticks must be held properly to prevent strain and play the drums correctly. Kids must grip them between the thumb and index finger, holding them a third of the way up the stick. As they grow and progress, kids may learn other drumstick grips.

  • Learn basic notations

Kids are not required to read music before they play drums, but learning basic notation must not be neglected as they start to progress. There are many video instructions and books that cover these basics. Exercises for kids must include identifying musical notes and counting the beat.

  • Practice basic rhythms

Kids are typically enthusiastic when they start playing drums but you should temper them and remember them that learning to play drums is not about hitting the instrument at high speed, but rather practicing basic rhythms slowly and accurately. Basic rhythms will teach the kids to move each limb asymmetrically.

If you want to give your kid the chance to become a great drummer, you should get them a good drum set to exercise on. If you do not want to invest a big sum of money on a brand new set that may be soon forgotten if the kid gets bored, you can opt for a child-sized drum set, which is cheaper than regular-sized sets. Alternatively, you can rent a drum set or to purchase a second hand instrument.

And do your best to make those drum exercises as fun and exciting as possible and reward you kid if they stick to the regular practicing routine.

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Enjoy the World of Painting with a Twist – Richardson TX Solutions for Engaging Communities

If you’re passionate about Painting with a Twist, Richardson is one of the cities you’ll definitely want to be in. This is because Richardson TX is one of the 340 locations in 39 states from around the US where the famous franchise Painting with a Twist has a fun and exciting location.

Here you can let off some steam, relax, and expand your creative skills without anyone holding you back. Open to both families and individual adults, the Painting with a Twist experience will delight you, while also putting you in touch with the locals.

What Is Painting with a Twist All About?

Anyone who’s new to Richardson or just visiting should consider engaging with the locals in a closer, more intimate setting at Painting with a Twist Richardson studios. This is basically a local painting class “with a twist,” that allows people to paint and interact with each other for just a small fee.

The painting sessions offer you a unique opportunity to have some hands on fun, polish your painting skills, unleash your creative abilities, and interact with like-minded individuals who also love to paint. You can do all that while also enjoying some of the tastiest foods and beverages you can have at any event.

Brush Up on Your Skills

Do you enjoy abstract painting? Maybe you prefer reproducing on your canvas some of the liveliest and most realistic images you can think of. These options and many others will become available to you as you continue to go back to Painting with a Twist Richardson sessions, and polish your skills more with each new painting you create.

While most guests have painting or artistic experience, not all do. Painting with a Twist is an experience that allows everyone to learn and explore their skills, as well as their passion for painting regardless of talent or experience. So, if you like to paint don’t worry about the fact that you might not be as good as the next Picasso. Just enjoy yourself, talk and mingle with others, try to pick up new skills, and soon enough you’ll be painting like a pro and without all the fear and anxiety you may have had in the past.

Be Part of a Fun and Exciting Community

When it comes to Painting with a Twist, Richardson TX residents who like the idea of going to an event and enjoy expanding their artistic skills are some of the liveliest people in the region.

As soon as you arrive at the Painting with a Twist location in Richardson, you’ll be greeted by friendly faces, and you can feel free to engage in conversation with some of the most interesting people on the local artistic arena. Don’t be afraid to share your experiences with the group and even to just engage in some fun and random conversations that have nothing to do with art.

As you continue to come back for more fun and excitement at future Painting with a Twist sessions, you’ll never want to stop. The relaxing and exciting experience of being part of such an inspiring community will lead you to enjoy every moment of it.

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Tips For Selecting And Hiring Great Denver Production Companies

In the visual world that we live today, where video production is essential in information broadcasting, marketing, advertising and entertainment, the importance of professional video companies is indubitable.

Hiring a professional team to create corporate videos for your business translates into a substantial investment, therefore you must carefully select a video producer able to meet your needs and make your money worth, turning them into profit.

In Denver, production companies are numerous, so we are going to offer you some tips to help you choose wisely and invest in something really valuable for your business.

  1. Do not believe everything that you see on any video company’s website

Many of these companies display a short clip with some of their past projects. This looks nice, but it is definitely not what you are looking for. You need proof of their current efficiency, translated into their ability to create and transmit your message. Remember that video production is a fast-moving industry, so, instead of making do with what you find on posted on a website who knows when, ask to see some of their most recent projects, because this way you can determine if their current expertise, equipment and level of creativity really suits your needs.

  1. Schedule a face to face appointment

Talking directly with the company’s representative offers you the chance to ask any important question that will help you make a responsible decision. So, take your time and check the credentials. Ask about their experience in the business, the highlights in their activity, their studio, their video production teams and their equipment.  Make sure that they can create videos from the scratches and respect the original idea along the way, right until the end of the production process.

Another thing that is very important to ask is if they are able to shoot in various formats (tripod filming, timelapse, documentary style etc.) and include animation, logos, diagrams and other visual elements.

Talk about your needs and expectations; explain your ideas and determine if the company which is going to bring your project to life is flexible enough and really understands your requirements. These preliminary discussions are very important to figure out if you can really develop a partnership with a company.

  1. Check reviews and testimonials from past clients, if available. It is a good way to get an overview of what the company can offer.
  2. Ask whether the post-production is handled locally or outsourced to another city or state (this will likely have a major impact on the price).
  3. Get estimates from several Denver production companies.

You will notice that prices may vary widely, so it is important to know exactly what you will be paying for. Remember to consider not only the price but also the quality offered by a company, as this is the right way to determine the real value.

There are many options on the market, so give yourself some time to analyze the offers. No matter your budget, you will surely be able to find a video producer able to offer you the final product that you have envisioned.

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Corporate Event DJ’s – How to Identify and How to Hire the Best One of Them

Hiring corporate event DJ’s for company parties, team buildings or for the closure of a conference or a workshop is becoming more and more the trend today – if you are in charge of organizing such a corporate party and you are looking for the right DJ, here are some tips about how to find the best artist.


Establish Your Requirements

To identify the DJ who is best suited for your event and to be able to give accurate and detailed instructions to your DJ, you first of all need to get your priorities right. The style of the corporate event and of the venue, the guests invited, their tastes in music and their age are all aspects that your DJ will have to pay attention to – top managers probably prefer different tunes than employees from the production area and getting the style wrong can ruin your entire party. Try to figure out what style would suit the different stages of the party – it is a good idea to play softer music during the dinner and to step up the rhythm gradually. It is also a good idea to decide in advance whether the DJ is supposed to take individual requests and also have a list with the songs you do not want to be played (a very important, but often neglected aspect).

It is also very important to figure out how long you want the DJ to play and to allocate a budget to your project – the prices asked by corporate event DJ’s vary widely and so does the amount you will be required to put down as a deposit.


Identifying the Right DJ

The venue where your corporate event will take place can surely recommend you DJ’s they have worked with, but you can also find DJ’s by entering a query into your internet browser. Check the websites for experience, video recordings of previous shows, information about their preferred music styles and their service structure, too.


Contact DJ’s

Try to find at least three DJs Denver has to contact. Talk to them each and tell them about your requirements – every detail is important for your DJ to be able to create the right playlists, so make your input as detailed as possible. Make notes during the meetings with the DJ’s on your list, then request a written quote based on your discussions. Take your time to compare what each of them offers and not only in terms of pricing, but also in terms of the service offered. When making the final decision, factor in your personal impressions, too – the personality of the DJ matters just as much as the quality the music and lighting equipment they use or their inventory of tunes.


Get It All on Paper

Draft a written contract or agreement with your DJ. The document should contain all the details you have agreed on – clauses referring to the deposit and the full price, the duration, the equipment to be used, the services provided, the warranties provided by the DJ and back-up equipment should all be included.

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How To Hire Live Wedding Bands And What To Expect From Them On Your Special Day

Live wedding bands are great options for entertaining your guests and make your special day truly memorable. They are able to add great atmosphere to all events where they are hired to play and many people prefer to hire professional live musicians instead of DJ’s.

At the same time, hiring a band requires planning, some effort to find and select the right musicians, as well as money.

The planning process must start with finding a band able to play the kind of music that you wish. Big wedding parties with lots of guests will likely welcome loud music, while smaller receptions will require rather acoustic or background music. All details must be considered realistically and you should clearly communicate your needs and expectations. Denver wedding bands live are client-oriented and typically willing to satisfy any reasonable pretension, even when this means to adjust their repertory. But all these details must be discussed and negotiated.

When you choose a band, make sure that it fits into the location of your wedding; some facilities may be too small for a stage and adequate musical equipment. Also, keep in mind that the visual impact is important and you may also want to add decorations, ambient lights etc. – which is another reason to consider the location before hiring a live band.  Make sure they have room for a keyboard too!

Which musicians should be avoided?

The musical skills of live wedding bands are essential, but they are not the only things to look for. The behavior of the musicians reflects their level of professionalism and is definitely something to consider when you decide which name stays and which name will be erased from your list.

Here are a few types of musicians that should be avoided:

  • Those who show up late and/ or do not respect their contract
  • Those who manifest improper behavior before, during or after the event
  • Those who think it is appropriate to bring friends and expect food and drinks for free

But the choice of musicians is not the only mistake that you can make. When it comes to a wedding, there are so many details to think about that there is quite a lot of room for all kind of errors related to the music and the way it is blended with the event.

Remember to consider the volume of the music. Live wedding bands are required to play during different moments of the reception and not all moments require loud music and happy screams from the audience. For example, having about 30 minutes of background music before the ceremony as well as adequate music and volume while the guests serve the culinary delicacies is very important. Last but not least, make sure that you hire musicians able to play more than one genre.

What to expect on the day of your wedding

Musicians must show up in time to install their instruments and make a quick test of the acoustic performance of the room in which they are going to play.

The musicians are required to respect the contract that they previously agreed on and are expected to stay focused on their performance and entertaining the guests, without requiring special assistance.

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Leave It To Music To Make Your Life Shine In The Limelight

Everyone is aware of how geniuses are born. The saying “1 percent talent, 99 percent effort” is especially true in the world of music and all the famous people have started their journey towards perfection in music with an instrument which they have received as a legacy, a present or which they bought themselves from a secondhand music shop.

Recognition in music comes with great sacrifices
Playing an instrument can help you achieve success in the world of music, provided that you devote yourself completely to it and are willing to improve yourself over time. Great guitar players were afraid to sacrifice love, quality time with their family or even their personal needs to practice a difficult part in a song until they mastered it completely.

A great music player, especially in an orchestra, is aware of the fact that mastery in a field as difficult as music can only be achieved with patience, perseverance and a great deal of repetition, which is why this world is not for the weak and those who lack discipline.

Choose to play for passion, rather than for fame
Music will provide great rewards for those who choose to dedicate themselves completely to it, yet fame and good fortune are only side benefits which come as a result of enjoying the music, rather than efforts made to seek attention and be recognized.

Apart from allowing to proudly stay on a stage accompanied by a team which often feels like a family, playing music will reduce your stage fright, help you connect with people, help you gain confidence in yourself and sooth your heart when things get difficult. Furthermore, playing music reduces stress and helps you unwind, plus it is a great way to spend a cozy night with a few friends.

Learn to play to live longer
Studies indicate that musicians playing a flute have a better pulmonary capacity, thanks to all the breathing exercises they do in order to produce the sound they want. Not to mention that learning how to play a musical instrument has the ability to increase the brain’s capacity and memory – the brain was able to store more easily audio information – as well as the spatial and temporal skills. This could prove beneficial for treating degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease, provided that they are combined with traditional methods of treatment.

Music can help boost your concentration and listening skills
For those who want to get the best results, no matter if they are playing on a new set of drums or on used guitars for sale, they must learn to distinguish the false notes they play from the rest, while also taking into account aspects like rhythm, note duration, tempo, sound quality. This forces them to carefully listen to their musical piece and improve their playing.

Good listeners will also fit better inside an orchestra, which is why this characteristic is greatly valued in the musical world.
As you can see, music turn your life for the better and help you shine, so start looking for used guitars or any other instruments you may be fond of and get practicing!

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The Health Benefits Of Playing an Instrument

Music is a remedy for one’s soul, as the saying goes. No matter if you play it on used guitars or brand new keyboards, the result is the same: it will bring you happiness and ease the stress or the sadness accumulated in your life. Through music, one can heal themselves and discover once again the passion of living.

Studies have discovered that playing a musical instrument will be advantageous for your health, both physical and mental, which is why scientists recommend learning how to play an instrument such as guitar for improving the quality of your life.

A musical instrument helps you develop a sense of discipline and perseverance
For those who have had the chance to play guitar or another musical instrument, they know that in order to get better at it, you must dedicate a lot of time and effort for repetition. Only with patience can someone manage to master a musical instrument, be it guitar or something else, which is why those who lack discipline will have a hard time keeping the flame for this passion alive. Repetition is not only fun, but the end result is worth the effort.

Excelling in a musical instrument will improve your self confidence
Apart from the love for music, people who play musical instruments often confess that they are encouraged by the audience in continuing their pursuit. A hard round of applause after a performance for which you have prepared yourself for a great deal of time will give you a boost of confidence and you will also be determined to share your passion with others, less fortunate, such as people in shelter homes or children in state care institutions.

Playing musical instruments will also help your memory and hearing, as well as your motor skills
Studies have shown that children as well as people over the age of 65 who have taken up playing a musical instrument for a few months have increased their brain capacity in regard to hearing, memory and hand-eye coordination. Not only did they become more active and more attentive in their daily tasks, but they also were better at languages, as the music had enhanced their reading and comprehension abilities. They could also concentrate better and they were not as stressed as their peers, being able to express themselves through music.

If you want to become more responsible and socially active, buy used guitars or a set of drums
It has been long known that music brings people together. Joining a band or an orchestra can bring you long lasting friendships or even connecting with people on this level will be beneficial for your social life as well.

On the same note, having to care for an instrument, especially a used one, which has already been through a lot, will contribute to developing one’s self of responsibility. Therefore, keep in mind that the best gift for yourself, your child or nephew is not the latest smartphone model, but a vintage guitar or maybe a pretty violin.  So get into the market of buy and sell used musical instruments and find the right instrument.

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